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Welcome to the Dome

This journal is a secret.
And you are more than welcome.
Just friend me/leave a comment and you're probably in.
I'm easy like that. ;)

This is also a great entry for leaving feedback for LJ transactions! I've purchased so many things on LJ, but I'm just getting around to making a feedback page. To be honest some of the more interesting pieces of my wardrobe have come from here and I've heard nothing but positive things from the people I've sold to. I also have 100% feedback on eBay as a buyer and seller. Leave some for me and I'll do the same for you.

This jacket...

...is so me.

But the price tag isn't, lol. Thanks, WildCollection.com. Grrrrr.

Cute Coats & Big Boobs

They don't always mix, as I'm finding out. For example, I'm loving this coat for Fall:

Spotted it on eBay UK, but of course it's too small and doesn't come in a larger size. "My girls" need way more room than the Euro size will provide. I've posted in a couple of communities that I'm looking for anything similar, so if someone knows where I can get a coat that is pretty darn close to this one let me know. If I can't locate a coat with the same military/gothic flavor, I'm thinking of nabbing this coat...

...which IS in my size, and then kitting it out with big, "military" brass buttons. Would that make enough of a difference? What else can I do to customize it to my level of punky-ness??? :)

LURVE this Victorian Lace Capelet

Found at VictorianTradingCo.com. And it would be perfect for my corporate vamp/grown-up goth look. Now if only they made it in a size for girls who are a little curvier. *sigh*

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